Doesn’t Need A Big Fat Awesome Apology

| Romantic | October 22, 2012

(I’m a very short, larger woman while my boyfriend is tall and lean. It’s our anniversary, and every year we reenact our first date, where we ride fair rides until nauseated. Most of the time I know which rides can accommodate me, so I don’t waste time trying to squeeze in smaller rides or hop on the bigger

Me: “Okay, so what do you want to ride next? Ferris-wheel?”

Boyfriend: “Nah, not fast enough.” *points to a ride that I haven’t seen before* “Let’s try that.”

Me: *skeptical* “I don’t know. It looks like I might not be able to fit.”

Boyfriend: “Nonsense! It just goes in a circle and barely off the ground. I’m sure you can ride it.”

Me: “Alright…”

(Sure enough, when I try to get on the ride, the handle bar doesn’t quite fit. The ride operator is waiting for me to get off while other patrons are waiting to get on.)

Me: *trying to laugh back my embarrassment “I’m sorry. I’m sorry, I knew it wouldn’t work.” *struggling to get off* “I’m sorry!”

Boyfriend: *grabs my hand as he helps me get down* “Do not be sorry! This ride just can’t handle your awesomeness!”

(I dubbed him a keeper. He’s my fiancé now!)


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