Doesn’t Live A Life Full Of Splenda

, , , | Right | February 21, 2019

(I work at a fast food restaurant that is known for its homemade lemonade. We have regular lemonade made with sugar, or diet made with Splenda.)

Customer: “Can I have two lemonades, a large and a small?”

Me: “Of course!”

(She sees me make them with the regular lemonade. After I finish making both of them…)

Customer: “Oh, I’m sorry, I wanted it with Splenda.”

Me: “No problem! Let me change that for you.”

(I remake both with the diet lemonade. She takes them and walks away. A few minutes later…)

Customer: “I’m sorry again. I want the regular lemonade. I didn’t know this one had Splenda in it.”

(I remade them again and she left. How did she not know that the Splenda lemonade has Splenda?)

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