Doesn’t Listen To My Voice

| Related | March 19, 2012

(My mom calls me on my cell phone, and as I’m not available, it goes to voicemail. She leaves me a message.)

Mom: “Hello? Are you there? Pick up… hello? Hello? Well, I guess you’re not at home. It’s Mom, give me a call.”

(Later, I call her back.)

Me: “Mom, you know, when you call my cell phone, if I don’t answer, it goes to voicemail, not an answering machine.”

Mom: “So?”

Me: “So, when you’re leaving a message, I can’t hear you. Because it’s voicemail.”

Mom: “Why can’t you hear me?”

Me: “Because… it’s… voicemail.”

Mom: “Oh. I’ll just talk louder, then!”

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