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Doesn’t Like Walkies Or Walkie-Talkies

, , , , | Right | January 5, 2021

I’m the visuals coordinator for my store; basically, I’m in charge of marketing and making sure the store stays nice and displays stay filled throughout the day. I’m out on the sales floor straightening up for a good portion of my shift. I deal with customer questions on a regular basis, and I always do my best to help them with what they need. However, I’m actively discouraged from “taking sales” — i.e. getting too involved in helping a customer pick out items — as that would take away from my actual job, and it’s what the sales associates are there for anyway.

I’m refolding clothes on a display, and a woman comes up to me to ask a question.

Customer: “Excuse me. Where are your jeans?”

Me: “Oh, they’re right over there! There’s signage on the display that will tell you about all the different styles we currently offer.”

As I talk, I’m pointing to a display of all our jeans, clearly visible not twenty feet behind this woman. However, after following the direction of my pointing, she just glares back at me.

Customer: “What, you’re not even gonna walk me over there?”

Me: “I’m actually working on an important project at the moment, but if you’d like some help picking out jeans, I can call a sales associate to work with you!”

We wear walkie talkies for just such occasions. The woman just glared at me for a moment longer, huffed, and walked off in the complete opposite direction from the jeans.

Okay, lady.

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