Doesn’t Like The Cut Of Your Gib

, , , , | Learning | August 2, 2019

(I am taking a studio art class in college. One of the assignments involves making sculptures out of cardstock. We are told that the most important aspect of the assignment is that our curved shapes be cut from the paper smoothly, and therefore, we MUST use a hobby knife because scissors produce a ragged cut. I’m experienced with using scissors for papercraft and know that I can get smooth cut from them, but I start with the hobby knife, anyway, because our professor is so insistent. Unfortunately, I just can’t get a smooth, curved cut with the knife; after several frustrating tries, I cave and use scissors and hope she doesn’t notice. Cue the day of the presentation:)

Professor: “Very good, [My Name]. Your cuts are very smooth.”

Me: *internally sighing in relief* “Thank you.”

Professor: *turns to the next student* “You’re cuts are jagged. I told you not to use scissors!”

Classmate: “I didn’t! I used the knife, but I couldn’t get it to cut a curved line!”

Professor: “I wanted smooth cuts. Look at [My Name]’s; that’s what I wanted!”

Me: *meekly* “Um, I actually used scissors.”

Professor: *gives me a long stare, humphs, and then moves on to the next student*

(I always wondered if she changed her instructions for the next class.)

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