Doesn’t Like Dem Apples

| Working | February 7, 2014

(I start picking apples. My boss tells me my quota is four bins a day. It takes me around five days to get this fast. On day six he pulls me aside.)

Boss: “Hey, [My Name]! You’re fired. After a week you’re still too slow.”

Me: “But I’m picking four bins just like you asked.”

Boss: “I know, but I expect you to pick five bins.”

Me: “Why didn’t you just tell me this to start of with?”

Boss: “Because I need four bins picked per day.”

Me: “So if that’s the quota, what’s wrong with what I am picking?”

Boss: “It’s not enough. I expect five!”

(This goes back and forth a bit.)

Boss: “You are only meeting my expectations. I expect you to exceed what I expect.”

Me: “That doesn’t actually make sense…”

Boss: “You’re just too f****** stupid to understand, aren’t you!? F*** OFF!”

(At this point I decide it’s pointless arguing with him and walk out, hoping he gets what’s coming to him one day.)

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