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Doesn’t Know What You’re Talking About

| Romantic | August 3, 2016

(It’s my boyfriend’s birthday and our anniversary. I ask him what he wants to do to celebrate, and we end up deciding to meet for dinner at a local fast food joint after work. One of my coworkers is teasing me about our choice of venue.)

Coworker: “In-N-Out? SO romantic! Do you guys have a coupon, too?”

Me: “Nope. Do they even do coupons?”

Coworker: “I dunno. You could look it up.”

Me: *holds up my phone* “Nope.”

Coworker: “Oh, that’s right! You have the dumbphone! [Boyfriend] could check though, couldn’t he?”

Me: “Actually, he has a dumbphone too.”

Coworker: “NO. BOTH OF YOU don’t have smartphones? WHAT DO YOU DO?”

Me: “We talk to each other?”

Coworker: “NO! People don’t do that anymore! It’s not normal!”

Me: “I KNOW! We TALK to each other! And somehow, seven years later, we’re still together!”

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