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Doesn’t Know The Drill

| Learning | October 17, 2013

(It is just before my ‘Introduction to Logic’ class starts. I am talking to two of my classmates.)

Me: “How are you two doing with the homework? Think you’re ready for the test next week?”

Classmate #1: “Oh, we’ve already gone through the first four sections. We should be fine.”

Me: “At least you’ve gotten that far. How have you been studying?”

Classmate #1: *nonchalant* “Well, [Classmate #2] and I have been drilling the methods into each other. I’ve been drilling him, and he’s been drilling me.”

(I break down into a fit of laughter.)

Classmate #1: “What’s so funny?”

Me: “Think about what you said there for a second.”

(Classmate #1 holds her mouth with both hands and blushes the brightest red. I start losing it again as another friend chimes in.)

Friend: “Well, at least we know what you’re into now!”

Classmate #1: “Oh, god! I’ll never need to wear blush ever again!”

Question of the Week

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