Doesn’t Know Parenting By Half

, , , | Right | March 29, 2019

(I work at a popular grocery store. A customer approaches me with a WIC transaction. I see that she is a couple of months pregnant so when I notice she has the wrong WIC milk, I offer to walk it back.)

Me: “Ma’am, this is the wrong milk. It is supposed to be the half-gallon. Do you want me to go back and get you the right kind?”

Customer: *looks confused* “I don’t know what a half-gallon is.”

Me: *looks at her and pauses* “It’s okay. I’ll go back and get it. No worries.”

(I proceed to take the gallon of milk back and get the half-gallon. I sit the half-gallon of milk on the counter.)

Customer: “That’s a half-gallon?”

Me: “Yes, ma’am.”

Customer: “Oh, okay, I didn’t know that.”

Me: “No worries.”

(As I’m doing the rest of the transaction, I hear the pregnant girl’s mother speaking to her.)

Mother: “[Daughter], you are nineteen. You have a baby on the way and you mean to tell me you don’t know what a half-gallon of milk is?”

Customer: “Well, I do now.”

(My boss is watching and approaches me after she leaves.)

Boss: “I feel sorry for her child if she’s 19 and doesn’t know the difference between a gallon and half of a gallon.”

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