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Doesn’t Have The Drive To Tell You About Deadlines

, , , , | Right | December 24, 2020

I work at a company that prints on USB drives. We have a variety of styles for everyone to choose from and they can have their artwork printed on them. I am a designer that basically sets up their artwork and proofs the client to make sure it looks right before we print and ship. Turn times are usually three days for production and shipping and usually start when the proof is approved.

Recently, we’ve had a client who lives in the same state as our company who wants a credit-card-shaped USB printed on both sides. I go through the proofing and approval process with them for their artwork, per usual, and after some back and forth they approve the day after they placed their order. I am out the next two days as I am sick, and a third day for Christmas. When I get back after Christmas, I see I have a voicemail from 4:00 pm Christmas Eve.

Client: *On voicemail* “Hi, [My Name], this is [Client] from [Company]. You worked with me on a USB project from last Thursday and I have yet to receive it. I was under the impression that I would have it by now, but it looks like I won’t. I am very disappointed, as they were to be Christmas gifts. Can you call me back to let me know when I will receive them? Again, I am very disappointed. Thank you.”

Not ONCE did the client tell me or their sales representative or anyone that they needed it for Christmas. I even went back through the email chain and nothing was mentioned there. They had also emailed me numerous times about this when I was out, saying basically saying the same things. I had the sales rep email them explaining that they did not inform us about this at all and if we had known we would have quoted them for expedited shipping. They never responded. I like to think they realized their mistake.

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