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Doesn’t Have That Friday Feeling

| Friendly | July 5, 2016

(I take a class with a practicum portion. I find out that one of the classmates that I get along with has his practicum near my work and he invites me to have dinner some time while he’s still doing his practicum there. The class portion ends and I don’t see my classmates anymore but everyone has everyone else’s emails. The classmate finally emails me about dinner.)

Classmate: “Dear [My Name], are we still doing dinner? I am doing my practicum on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. We can go to the Korean restaurant next door.”

Me: “Hi, [Classmate]! Of course I’m still interested in having dinner with you. I work on Wednesday and Thursday evenings so let’s do Friday evening.”

Classmate: “Dear [My Name], okay. Let’s do dinner on Thursday evening around five.”

Me: “Hi, [Classmate]. Unfortunately, I’m working on Thursday evening so I won’t be able to make it then. I can do Friday instead. I’m also free during the weekend or Monday. Do any of those days work for you instead?”

Classmate: “Dear [My Name], no problem. I made reservation at [Korean restaurant] for six pm on Thursday.”

Me: “Hi, [Classmate]. I’m still working on Thursday evening. I work until eight pm. I can’t make it then. I can do Friday.”

Classmate: “Dear [My Name], I’m looking forward to our dinner on Thursday. I’ll see you then.”

Me: *giving up* “I don’t think you will, as I’ll be working. Enjoy your dinner.”

(I never heard from this classmate again. I hope he did enjoy his dinner.)

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