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Doesn’t Have Family Values

| Friendly | August 4, 2016

(It has been raining all morning but it is during a brief sunny spell. I have just bought some lunch on my way to the hospital to visit my mum. I am sitting in my car checking messages on my phone while I eat when an old man knocked on my window.)

Old Man: “Are you going up near the hospital?”

Me: “Yes, do you need a lift?”

Old Man: “If you don’t mind.”

Me: “Okay, hop in. I’m heading to [Part of the Hospital] if that’s near where you are going?”

(We make small talk for a while about how if he had walked it would probably be raining before he made it home. He’s going to a street just before the hospital which is only a couple of minutes by car but a half hour walk at his pace.)

Old Man: “So do you have a family?” *gestures to the car seat in the back*

Me: “Yes, I do.”

Old Man: “That’s good; a girl’s only worth something once she’s got a family.”

(That comment made me wish I’d said no, just to see if he still wanted me to drive him home since without a family I’d be worthless.)

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