Doesn’t Have A Master-y Of The Situation

| Fullerton, CA, USA | Learning | February 18, 2016

(I take a summer course for a lighter group-work load the following semester. It’s after class and my group are all sitting around a table working on our project and chatting while we work. I’m 33 years old while they are all in their early to mid-20s.)

Group Member #1: “Yeah, I thought about maybe coming back for my Master’s, but I don’t know. I mean, I don’t want to be 30 and just entering the workforce! That’s too old!”

(My other three group members murmur their agreement. I just look up at Group Member #1 for a moment then shake my head, deciding to not point out what may not be completely obvious. Another two minutes of quiet working time passes.)

Group Member #1: “Oh, by the way, I’m going to be missing Thursday’s class.”

Me: *jokingly* “Slacker!”

Group Member #1: “No! I have a doctor’s appointment.”

Me: “Oh. Cool. Not a slacker, then. Mind if I ask what for? Everything okay?”

Group Member #1: “Everything’s fine. I’m pregnant.”

(I ended up “taking a break” before I started laughing at the complete lack of logic.)

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