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Doesn’t Have A Foot To Stand On

| Learning | May 4, 2014

(On Halloween, my sister trips and breaks her foot. She is given a walking cast and a pair of crutches. The next day our mom drives her to school and brings the doctor’s note to the nurse.)

Nurse: “[Sister] can’t bring the crutches with her. The note doesn’t say anything about them.”

Mom: “She’s got a broken foot; she needs the crutches to walk.”

Nurse: “She needs a note for them. This one only covers the walking cast.”

Mom: “Are you serious?”

(My sister ended up spending the day at home while my mom called the doctor to get a note for the crutches. We’re not sure what the nurse thought she was doing by trying to force my sister to walk on a broken foot, but that was normal behavior for the woman.)

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