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Doesn’t Give You Much Assurance About Their Insurance

, , | Right | August 21, 2017

(We ask customers for the details of who they bank with in case they have dual insurance with a paid bank account. The client I’m currently talking to has a specific insurance for airline staff. We are about ten minutes into a call talking through a claim form when she says:)

Caller: “I didn’t know who I bank with, so I crossed the whole section out.” *Hmm?* “Yes, it was difficult, so I wrote ‘purple card.’”

Me: “Umm…”

Caller: *continuing on through the sections a whole manner of it she has filled in, shall we say, creatively* “…then I didn’t know how to show you that I owned the item, so I took a picture of myself with it, then held it with that picture on it and took another picture.”

(She was only claiming a few minor damages to the item. In the end I kinda felt bad for her because she’d clearly over-thought the whole thing. I ended up telling her not to send pictures, since we had already discussed a repair quote and we use sense to know that they had the item to actually have a quote done. Also this person is in charge of a huge airborne people-carrying plane. It slightly put me off flying.)

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