Doesn’t Give A Truck, Part 5

| Right | January 7, 2017

Me: “Now sir, will you be moving in the [City] area?”

Customer: “Sure.”

Me: “And when do you need it?”

Customer: “Today.”

Me: “All right, sir, I’ll see what’s available. Will you be moving household furniture?”

Customer: “No.”

Me: “I see. Just miscellaneous boxes and such?”

Customer: “Sure.”

Me: “Okay…” *waits for the page to load* “Will a 10′ truck be big enough for you, sir?”

Customer: “Sure.”

Me: “All right. Most customers need about four hours with the 10′ truck. Will that work for you?”

Customer: “Sure.”

Me: “All right, then. What time do you want to—”

Customer: “God d***, do you ever shut up? Just give me the truck.”


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