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Doesn’t Get The Tall And The Short Of It

, , , , | Right | April 1, 2019

(I work as a ride operator at a theme park, and one of my duties is to height-check and make sure the guests are tall enough to go on the ride. At the beginning of the line are two girls, presumably sisters. One of them is tall enough, but the other one isn’t. Her mother is watching nearby and is wondering why I don’t let the little girl in. I explain, to which she responds.)

Mother: “I don’t understand.”

(I explain again, but she still doesn’t understand. It happens a couple more times, and even the guests in line try to tell her straight up. All of a sudden, she gets all snotty and sneers.)

Mother: “Then what you do is send her out of the line. Not that hard to do.”

(Lady, you were having trouble understanding that your child was too short to ride, to begin with. Apparently, that WAS hard to do.)

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