Doesn’t Get The Prints-able Of Secrecy

| Working | December 21, 2015

(It’s the beginning of November, and the owner has told me she’s going out for an appointment this morning.)

Owner: “I’ll be back at around 11.”

Me: “Okay. I hope you’re done quick.”

Owner: *waves off my concern* “Oh, don’t worry. It’s not a doctor’s appointment. I’m meeting with a printer.”

(Business goes on as usual, and when coworkers ask, I let them know the owner’s at the printer’s. Then our front manager comes to talk to me:)

Manager: “I wouldn’t tell everyone [Owner]’s at the printer’s because she’s getting our Christmas presents done there.”

Me: “I… had no idea. I thought she was getting menus or a banner.”

Manager: “Oh, yeah, it’s our Christmas presents. [Waitress] was asking about where [Owner] was, and I told her I didn’t really feel comfortable talking about it. But she’s going there now so it’ll be done in time for Christmas.”

(Well, good job keeping it a secret!)

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