Doesn’t Get The Gender-al Point

| Related | May 1, 2014

(I am transgender. I was assigned female at birth, but I identify as male. I have been in a strong relationship where I am a step-father of a four-year-old girl, with whom we have been open about my history (age appropriate, of course). We are at home. I am petting one of our two female cats when she comes out of her room and begins to pet the cat as well.)

Daughter: “Oh, I just love [Cat]. She’s gonna have her babies soon!”

Me: “She can’t have any babies. She had a surgery so that she can’t have any. Plus you would need a boy cat to help make baby kitties.”

Daughter: *she points at our other female cat* “[Other Cat] can be the boy cat.”

Me: “[Other Cat] is a girl cat, too.”

Daughter: “Aww, can’t you just change it in the computer?”

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