Doesn’t Even Want A Sporting Chance

| Learning | July 7, 2017

(I am autistic and hate sport. I am also highly stubborn. It comes time for our sport day competition and my year we’re all doing football. I happily sit to the side with a book, not wanting to join in, partly because I hate sport and partially out of fear my glasses will break.)

Teacher: “[My Name], come join in!”

Me: *turns page*

Teacher: “[My Name]! Get on the field!”

Me: *stands up still holding book, takes a step onto the field, and continues reading*

(In the end they put me in goal and to no-one’s surprise the only goal I ‘stopped’ was the one that hit me on the head and broke my glasses. After that I refused to stay in goal and we lost. My team actually didn’t blame me, to my shock, agreeing the teacher was an idiot to even try since I was virtually blind without my glasses and they were notoriously fragile, often breaking for no reason.)

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