Doesn’t Even Sound Good On Paper

| Friendly | April 26, 2016

(I am on the train with two schoolboys sat nearby. The first I notice them when the train guard comes along the carriage checking tickets.)

Guard: “Nice breakfast.”

Boy #1: *holding up chocolate muffin* “Yeah, the best sort…”

(About a minute passes, then I hear…)

Boy #2: “Urgh! That’s disgusting!”

Boy #1: “What?”

Boy #2: “How can you even do that?”

Boy #1: “What?”

Boy #2: “Seriously, I’m gonna puke if you don’t stop. How can you EAT the MUFFIN PAPER?”

Boy #1: “I always do that!”

Boy #2: “Why?!”

Boy #1: “It’s still covered with muffin!” *points dramatically in the air* “NO CHOCOLATE LEFT BEHIND!”

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