Doesn’t Even Notice When You Step Out Of Line

, , , , | Friendly | December 24, 2017

(I am doing Christmas shopping close to the holidays, so all of the checkout lines in the store are very long. I am patiently waiting in line for probably nearly ten minutes, with many people in line behind me as well. Finally I am at the front of the line when I see that one of the cashiers is free so I go up to pay.)

Cashier: “Oh, I am sorry, my register just froze up and isn’t working!”

Me: “Oh, okay.”

(Goes back to my spot in front of the line. I then get a tap on the shoulder.)

Lady: *behind me* “Excuse me, but we’re in line.”

Me: *confused*

Me: “Um… I know. I was, too; it was my turn next and her register is down.”

Lady: *rolls her eyes* “Ugh, whatever. I don’t want to argue.” *reluctantly lets me go ahead*

(I left completely dumbfounded at how she could have stood in the line behind me for over five minutes and not have seen me in front or seen anything that took place right in front of her!)

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