Doesn’t Deliver Your Eggs-pectations

| Romantic | January 18, 2016

(I have just texted a picture of the toys I got in a Kinder Surprise egg to my boyfriend. There are two little flowers and you’re supposed to blow on them to make them spin.)

Me: “Wow… Kinder Surprise eggs are really cheaping out on their toys these days.”

Boyfriend: “Wow, no kidding. That’s… kinda lame.”

Me: “Kinda? My, you are generous.”

Boyfriend: “Not even our awesome geeky kind of lame, just the usual kind.”

Me: “Well, I’m gonna tap into that geeky lame right now! Ahem: ‘Back in mah day, they had toys in them there eggs that yeh had to assemble yerself! And those toys DID sumthin’! Or at least they had multiple pieces and stickers to decorate. Kids these days have it too easy with thur two piece toys en thur… Short attention spans…’”

Boyfriend: “YES!”

Me: “Is it sad that I’m kind of proud of that?

Boyfriend: “Yeah, but not really.”

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