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Doesn’t Babysit Well With Me

| Friendly | March 23, 2016

(My mom has invited her coworker and coworker’s kids, a girl aged eight or nine and a boy aged six or seven, over for coffee. I’m 18 and my little sister is 11, and we are told to entertain the kids while Mom and the coworker talk over coffee. First we play board-games, but the boy is rapidly losing interest and throwing the die around the room, so we need to look for it after his every turn. Finally…)

Boy: *screams in frustration* “Aaaaaaaaargh!”

(My little sister looks at me desperately. The boy’s sister seems slightly irritated, but does nothing.)

Me: “Okay, why don’t we watch some videos now?”

Boy: *suddenly completely calm* “That’s exactly what I meant.”

(That’s how I learnt I can speak Screaming Child. The coworker asked me if I was interested in babysitting, but somehow I didn’t feel motivated to try it.)

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