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Doesn’t Have 20/20 Delivery

, , , | Working | February 5, 2018

(I’m at home when the doorbell rings unexpectedly. It’s a pizza delivery driver. I haven’t ordered pizza.)

Driver: “Your pizza!”

Me: “I didn’t order pizza.”

Driver: “This is number 20, right?”

Me: “Yes.”

Driver: “So, it’s your pizza.”

Me: “I didn’t order any; it’s not for me.”

Driver: “20 [Address] Street?”

Me: “Sorry, this is [Address] Road. [Address] Street is the first on the left there.”

Driver: “You’re number 20?”

Me: “No, you’re on the wrong road. Take the first on the left.”

Driver: “You are number 20, see?”

(He points at the number by my door.)

Me: “Yes, but this is the wrong road. Sorry.”

Driver: “Is something wrong? Why don’t you want your pizza?”

Me: “It’s not my pizza! This is the wrong house!”

Driver: “Number 20, right?”

(I shut the door. A couple of seconds later, he rings the bell again, holding it down for at least 30 seconds until I open the door again.)

Driver: “You must take your pizza! I have more deliveries to do.”

Me: “It is not my pizza. You are at the wrong house.”

(He thrust the pizza into my hands and got back into his car. I walked the 30 seconds around the corner and gave the pizza to the people who’d ordered it. We do sometimes get deliveries for [Address] Street, but I’ve never had a driver refuse to admit they’re wrong before!)

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