Does Not Serviette Its Purpose

| Related | April 22, 2014

(My mother, sister, and I go to see a play. We arrived just a few minutes before the lights went down, so by the time we got seated and our coats off, it is dark. I have a cold and forgot to bring tissues with me.)

Me: “Does anyone have tissue?”

Sister: “Nope.”

(I hear mom rustling through purse.)

Mom: “Here, hand this to your sister.”

(Sister hands me a napkin.)

Me: “Is this used? It’s dark and I can’t tell.”

Mom: “It’s a serviette.”

Me: “Yes, but is it used?”

Sister: “Serviette just means it will be rougher on your nose.”

Me: “Uh-huh, but has it been used? I’m already sick; I don’t need to pick up another bug.”

Mom: “It’s just a napkin!”

Me: “But is it used?!”

Mom: “Oh… no, it’s fine.”

Me: *looking really close at it* “There’s blood on here!” *throws it back at Mom*

Mom: “Oh… Wait, I have another one here.”

Me: “Is this one used?”

Mom: “It’s a napkin.”

Me: “Sigh…”

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