Does Not Register The Actual Register

, , , , , | Right | February 11, 2019

(Our store has one place to queue and a row of fifteen tills. The cashier on the till pushes a button to call for the next customer, informing them of the till number ready for them. If it is busy, sometimes the customer can’t see the actual person standing at the till waiting to serve them, and to the more dim customers, this means that maybe the till itself or a ghost has called them and they ignore the call. I have pressed the button three times, and finally, the two women ignoring me make their way to my till. I greet them and they just glare at me, as if it’s my fault they are idiots. One of them is holding two items of clothing, which she puts down on the counter. I pick up one and scan it, fold it, and reach for the second. I am about to scan it.)

Customer #1: “We’re paying separately.”

Customer #2: *just glares at me*

(I asked if [Customer #1] required a bag, and they grumpily complained about not paying 5p, so I took that as a no. I processed the sale and repeated the process with the second customer, thanked them, and said goodbye. I didn’t get much as a mumble of thanks during either transaction, let alone as they walked off. Apparently, my job also requires me to be psychic!)

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