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Doctor Who You Talking About?

| Learning | August 20, 2016

(I teach public speaking in a small learning center. Since I am the youngest teacher in the school at 20, I am closest to the students (ages 11-15) in age, and my classes are mostly more chill. I enter class, and before I start, a few students and I are chatting about a fake bloodied hand one of them was using to try and prank people, when one of the boys comes over, holding something in his hand.)

Boy #1: *completely random* “Look, teacher, I have a screwdriver!”

Me: *instinctively* “Sonic?”

Boy #1: “Huh? Sonic… the hedgehog?”

Me: “No, sonic. As in, is it a sonic screwdriver?”

Boy #1: “I don’t get it.”

Me: Never mind; it was a Doctor Who reference.”

(Note that while I am not the biggest fan of Doctor Who, I do watch it occasionally, and know an average amount of it.)

Girl #1: *piping up* “Who’s that?”

Me:Doctor Who… Time Lord.”

Boy #2: “Isn’t he that robot?”

Me: “No! He’s a time lord!”

Boy #2: “Oh. Did he have a robot?”

Me: *not remembering K-9, a robot dog, that the fourth and tenth Doctor has for a period of time* “Not that I know of. He has a TARDIS.”

(Blank faces stare back at me.)

Me: “You know; ‘Time and Relative Dimension(s) in Space’?”

Girl #1: “What’s a time lord?”

Me: *giving up* “Okayyyy, guys… let’s just start class now. Settle down.”

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