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Doctor Very Strange

, , | Right | March 28, 2018

(I work in a hotel. A customer in his 20s comes up with a foolish grin.)

Customer: “Hi! I’m Dr. [Customer] and I would like a taxi!”

(I arrange a taxi to for him to come. He disappears. When the taxi arrives, he’s nowhere to be found. I call his room.)

Me: “Hello, your taxi is here.”

Customer: “Okay, then!”

(Usually, people come running so as not to make the taxi wait. FIFTEEN MINUTES later, just seconds before the taxi is about to leave, the guy comes out whistling, with that big cheesy grin on his face.)

Customer: “Thank you! Have a gooooood day!”

Me: “Mhm, you, too…”

(The taxi driver drives him off. Later, the taxi driver comes back comes back to me.)

Driver: “Yes, this for Dr. [Customer]; he left his iPhone in my cab. Please give to him.”

(I take it and put it away safely. A few hours later, the same guy comes up again.)

Customer: “Hi! I’m Dr. [Customer], and a taxi driver should’ve left something for me.”

Me: “Yes, hold on.”

(I returned it and he walked away, whistling. He returned, complaining that his key wasn’t working. I reprogrammed it, and he said that it still didn’t work, all the while still whistling. I had a housekeeper help him. He’d been putting the key in backwards! I didn’t know whether to be annoyed or be glad that he’s not my doctor!)

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