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Do You Know The Way To Monterrey?

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I am Mexican, from Monterrey, and was studying in London. I had to fly back to Monterrey to my brother’s wedding, but I couldn’t change my ticket online, so I tried ringing the airline’s phone number. After being on hold for ages, I decided to go to the helpdesk in the Heathrow airport, instead.

Once there, I explained that I needed to change the date of my ticket. The guy checked my ticket and proceeded with the change. When he printed the new ticket, I noticed that the destination was Monterey, California, not Monterrey, Mexico.

Me: “Sorry, this ticket says Monterey, California, and I’m going to Monterrey, Mexico!”

Employee: *Very condescending* “My apologies. I must have gotten confused by your accent!”

Me: “Regardless of my accent, I gave you a printed ticket that says Monterrey, Mexico. You must have gotten confused because you can’t read well!”

The guy just corrected the error without saying a word.

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