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Do Things Different So Faro From Home

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(My brother and I go to New York. I am 23 years old and he is 20, and we are both Portuguese citizens. We are invited by a friendly local family we met to dinner at their place, and decide to go to a liquor store to buy two bottles of Portugal’s excellent wine, so we won’t show up empty-handed. After having chosen the two bottles, we get to the register, and I place the bottles on the conveyor belt.)

Cashier: “Hello. Your total is $90.”

Me: *in Portuguese* “[Brother], the wallet is in my backpack; take it out and give the cashier a 100, please.”

(He does so, and hands the cashier the money.)

Cashier: *pointing at my brother* “I need to see his ID; he looks under 21.”

Me: “He is; he’s 20. I, however, am 23.”

Cashier: “It doesn’t matter; he gave me the money and he is under 21.” *hands the money back to him*

(I can already see my brother rolling his eyes, as we’ve never had these issues in any other country as long as one of us is legal. I turn to him.)

Me: *in Portuguese* “[Brother], it’s okay. Just give me the money and I’ll pay.”

(He hands me the money, and I try to give the cashier the money, which she doesn’t accept.)

Cashier: “He gave you the money. You are buying for him. I can’t sell to you.”

(I’m slowly getting annoyed. Instead of arguing, I just ask for a manager, hoping he’ll be willing to sell it to me. He arrives and I explain what’s going on.)

Manager: “If you hand over the money, you can buy the bottles; that’s okay. I need to see your ID, though; you also look under 21.”

(I give the manager my passport.)

Manager: “This doesn’t seem to be a state-approved ID. I cannot accept it.”

Me: “No idea what state-approved IDs are; it’s a Portuguese passport.”

Manager: “I’m afraid we can’t sell you the wine if you can’t provide an ID.”

(We both just look at them for a few seconds, then look at each other and decide it isn’t worth discussing.)

Me: “All right, just hand me back my passport. We’ll buy it somewhere else.”

(I got my passport back, and we went into the next liquor store we could find. They were happy to sell us the wine.)

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