Do The Return, Feel The Burn

| Right | February 13, 2013

(I’m helping a customer, Customer #1, pick out a watch at a department store jewelry counter. Another customer, Customer #2, interrupts.)

Customer #2: “Excuse me, I have a return. I had to wait in line at Customer Service just to be told I have to come up here.”

Me: “I’ll be with you in a minute ma’am, I am helping this other lady at the moment.”

Customer #2: “Well! I don’t have all day!”

Customer #2: *to me* “You can return that for her.” *whispers* “Before she throws a fit.”

(I do the return and turn back to Customer #1.)

Customer #2: “EXCUSE ME! The customer service lady said you would ring this all out for me as well.”

(Customer #2 holds up 2 boxes of shoes, some shirts, jeans and under garments.)

Me: “Normally I would be able to, but as I said before I am helping this lady in watches. You can wait until I finish helping her or go up to the registers with your purchases.”

Customer #2: “Well, I wouldn’t want to inconvenience you!”

(Customer #2 storms off to the registers and stands in line, but continues to glare at me from afar.)

Customer #1: “Whoa! Someone needs a nap!”

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