Do The Night Thing

| Working | August 16, 2013

(I’m still a fairly new supervisor, and plenty of officers offer “suggestions” – some helpful, some not.)

Me: “Yeah, I got this big Mag-Lite, since I was told there are occasionally feral raccoons and cats around that particular site.”

Officer: “Why would you need that? You mean you actually walk around there at night?”

Me: “Well… yeah. It’s part of my job to run through there on third shift, after all.”

Officer: “Why don’t you just badge in, then sit in the lunchroom or the office and pretend you did the walk-through? That’s what the other supervisors do! It makes more sense; there’s only one other reader in the building you’d have to badge on. Just hit that one, since it is right near the entry anyway, and then pretend you did the rest of the walk-through.”

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