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Do NOT Say Anything In Front Of A Child You Don’t Want Everyone To Hear

, , , , | Right | June 27, 2023

I work in a big box store near the New York/New Jersey border. A customer is buying a car seat for his toddler.

Child: “What’s that for, Daddy?”

Customer: “It’s for you to sit in, for when we’re driving. You’re too big for your old one.”

Child: “Why do I need it, Daddy?”

Customer: “To be safe when we’re driving, and what does Daddy say when he’s driving?”

I expect the child to repeat some mantra about road safety. The tiny dude instead raises a little fist in the air.

Child: “Go back to Jersey, a**hole!”

The customer blinks and then just turns to face me in defeat.

Customer: “Oh, hey, fun fact: children are like parrots!”

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