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Do Not Pass Word, Go Directly To Jail

| Working | February 14, 2017

(Earlier in the day, I got a phone call from a female scammer claiming to be from my auto lender. I had a password put on that account for security. About an hour later, I get another call while driving.)

Scammer: “I’m calling to get a car payment from you or your car will be repossessed.”

Me: “What’s the password?”

Scammer: “There is no password. I need your bank account number to process your payment or I’ll take your car.”

Me: “What’s my current address and which car is it?”

Scammer: “[Address from three years ago] and [Car I haven’t owned in years].”

Me: “You know what? Come and get it! It hasn’t worked for months! I’m going to sue you for selling me a piece of crap car! I lost my job because of it and now I don’t know how I’m going to feed my kids!” *continuous stream of profanity and accusations at the scammer*

Scammer: *keeps trying to interrupt, finally hangs up*

(Let him try to go to a place I no longer live at to take a car I no longer own.)

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