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Do NOT Let Gilderoy Lockheart Anywhere Near Them!

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We get a myriad of people who come in with pretty bad injuries, like badly broken bones, muscle tears, etc. The physicians see them and say:

Physician: “Okay, we’ll schedule surgery for next week.”


Physician: “We’ll put a cast on, and you’ll follow up in a few weeks.”

Some patients will say:

Patient: “Um… that’s it? I thought you were going to fix the problem.”

Physician: “Some things take time to heal; we can only facilitate the healing process and make sure it heals right.”

Patient: “But I want it fixed now!”

Physician: “Oh, I’m sorry. My magic wand is in the repair shop today, so I can’t fix it instantly and we’ll have to do this the regular way. Anything else you wanted?”

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