Do Idiots Dream Of Electric Coffee?

, , , , | Right | October 7, 2018

(I am working over lunch in a busy coffee shop when the power goes out. A car has hit a pole and taken out most of the power in the downtown core. We still have at least half the tables full, finishing their meals in the semi-darkness.)

Customer: *who comes rushing in* “I need two coffees to go, quick!”

Me: “Sorry, we have no power.”

Customer: “Yeah, I see. Soooo… two coffees, please.”

Me: “Okay, but we have no power. We can’t make coffee without it.”

Customer: “What? Can’t you just cook it on your stove out back?”

Me: “The power is out; we can’t cook anything or make coffee.”

Customer: “Don’t you have old coffee you can heat up?”

Me: “Sir, there’s no power. I’m not sure how we could do that.”

Customer: “Seriously? Are you stupid? What the f*** kind of place is this?”

(Another customer who is listening to our exchange speaks up.)

Other Customer: “One that needs electricity to run, perhaps?”

(The customer slammed his fist on the counter and practically ran out the door while the second customer and I shook our heads.)

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