Do As I Say, Not As I Say

| Working | November 4, 2012

(Note: We’re at a team meeting.)

Boss: “We have to start work together! If you’re done with your work, ask your coworkers if you can lend them a hand! Teamwork, people!”

(A few hours later…)

Me: *to coworker* “Finally done with my work!” *sees coworker’s stack of paper* “You want some help?”

Coworker: “Thanks! Sure!”

Boss: *to me* “Why are you doing her work?”

Me: “I finished mine, so I thought I’d lend her a helping hand.”

Boss: “NO! Do your own work! What do I PAY YOU FOR!” *stomps away*

Coworker: “I thought she said to help each other?”

(I quit not long after that thanks to that crazy boss!)

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