Divorced From The Idea Of Marriage

| Romantic | January 20, 2014

(I am looking at old family photographs, especially those taken at my parents’ wedding. I can’t find any from my grandparents’ wedding, however, and I ask my grandparents where I can find some.)

Grandmother: “Oh, you won’t find any pictures of our wedding, dear.”

Me: “How come? Did you not have a camera back then?”

Grandmother: “No, but your grandfather and I never actually got married.”

Me: “What!”

Grandfather: “We just never got around to it.”

Me: “But Grandma! You have Grandpa’s name and everything!”

Grandmother: “I know. It was just easier that way. Less gossip.”

Me: “But didn’t you want to get married!”

Grandfather: “What’s the point? I don’t need a piece of paper to tell me that I have been lucky enough to spend my life with the love of my life.”

Me: “So you don’t believe in marriage?”

Grandmother: “Of course we do, but marriage isn’t a requirement of love, dear.”

Grandfather: “Exactly! Look at that ‘Brittany Clears’ fellow. Didn’t he get married for like an hour?”

Me: “You mean Britney Spears?”

Grandmother: “See! I told you that was his name! You never think I’m right about these things!”

Me: “Actually, Britney Spears is a woman.”

Grandmother: “Oh. I guess we were both wrong.”

Grandfather: *in a sing song voice* “Ha! You were wrong! You were wrong!”

Grandmother: “Is it possible to divorce someone you never married?”

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