Diversity Is For Life, But Not For Christmas

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(It is the holiday season, and we are selling Elf On The Shelf, a book and toy combo. They come with different skin tones so families can pick which they like best.)

Customer: “Excuse me! I was here the other day and you had these elves.”

Me: “Elf On The Shelf? Yes, they’re right over here.”

(As it is close to Christmas and these are extremely popular, we have sold down on the Elves with white skin. The only ones still on the display have dark skin.)

Customer: *looking distressed* “Um, do you have any… different… ones? Ones that, you know, look different?”

Me: “I’ll check and see.”

(It turns out, we do have some white ones left. I bring one to her.)

Customer: *looking extremely relieved* “Oh, thank you so much! I don’t know how I would’ve explained those other ones to my children!”

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