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Disturbing Lack Of Regard For The Do-Not-Disturb Sign

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I check in for a short break at a reasonably nice hotel. I’ve been all over the country for the last week. I have one more appointment in a few days, and then I can go home. I’m going to use this time to relax and get some paperwork done.

Me: “Can I request no housekeeping?”

Receptionist: “I can certainly put a note on your room, but if you hang the sign on your door handle, they shouldn’t make up your room.”

Me: “Shouldn’t? I really would appreciate it if I wasn’t disturbed. I have a lot of paperwork and it’s going to be everywhere. I really would prefer if it wasn’t disturbed.”

Receptionist: “I will add a clear note on your room, and I will leave a message with housekeeping.”

Me: “Great! Thank you!”

I spend the afternoon winding down. In the morning, I pull out the box of reports, receipts, service contracts, and the blanks I need for the last visit. I’ve covered the bed, desk, and part of the floor. I slowly work my way through before taking a long break to walk around the town. I get back to find a note on my door. I call reception.

Me: “I have a note on my door about housekeeping being unable to clean my room?”

Receptionist: “Oh, yes. The notes say that the room had a lot of paper everywhere. If you want your room to be cleaned, this does need to be resolved.”

Me: “I don’t want the room cleaned. I don’t want to be disturbed at all. There should be a note on the file, and I had the sign on the door.”

Receptionist: “There wasn’t any mention of the do-not-disturb sign on here.”

Me: “I’m not lying; it’s still on the door!”

Receptionist: “Well, I guess I can speak to the housekeeping team.”

Me: “Please do.”

Annoyed, but having to get work done, I carry on through the papers. I get pretty far that day and the next, thankfully not disturbed this time. On my last full day, I’m pretty much caught up. I go for a meal and a swim before coming back. The first thing I notice is the do-not-disturb sign on the floor outside the room.

When I go inside, the room has been tidied, and worse, the remaining papers have been stacked on the desk. Just a quick check tells me they have put everything out of order. Realistically, this will take hours to sort out. I go to the reception desk and demand an answer.

Receptionist: “I am sorry. I can see the original note and that you called to complain. I’m not sure what happened.”

Me: “Call a manager or something.”

Receptionist: “I don’t think that’s necessary.”

Me: “Just do it, please.”

She reluctantly did, and I went through everything again. The manager apologised and explained that he couldn’t see where the receptionist was actually passing on these messages, as housekeeping does not see the room notes, so they wouldn’t have seen the messages. However, it wasn’t acceptable that they then ignored the do-not-disturb sign.

I was offered a partial refund and vouchers for another stay. I made sure to use them at another site completely!

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