Doing A Disservice To Service Dogs

, , , , , | Working | February 19, 2018

(I have a coworker whose boyfriend apparently doesn’t have anything better to do than to hang out at our store for several hours while she’s at work. This coworker also recently found out that she’s pregnant. A customer in an electric wheelchair comes in with a service dog.)

Me: “That dog is so cute! I love dogs, and I wish I could pet it; I know you’re not supposed to pet service dogs.”

Boyfriend: “Like that’s a service dog. She doesn’t need one.”

Me: “You don’t know that. She could have seizures.”

Coworker: “Or PTSD, or diabetes, or anxiety, or depression.”

Me: “Also, a lot of people in wheelchairs have service dogs to help reach things that they can’t.”

(They walk away. A few minutes later, [Coworker] comes back.)

Coworker: “Sorry about that. He’s a d*****bag. I can’t believe I bred with him. Hopefully, my kid won’t turn out like him.”

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