Displaying Eel Behavior

, , | Right | October 7, 2018

(At the restaurant where I work, everyone pitches in to help serve food. As I am a hostess, I don’t know the menu as well as our ACTUAL servers do. On a busy night, I run upstairs with two plates of sushi — one, Pacific rolls, the other with two types of sushi.)

Me: “All right, ladies. Pacific roll?”

Woman #1: “That’s me.”

Me: “And the tuna and eel rolls?”

(The second woman looks extremely unsure, but nods.)

Me: “Is there anything else I can get for you?”

Woman #2: “Mm… Ah. No.”

Me: “Is something wrong, miss?”

Woman #2: “What kind of sushi is this?”

Me: “You have tuna and eel rolls.”

Woman #2: “I know this is the eel…” *points at other set of rolls* “…but this?”

Me: “The tuna roll? Is this not what you ordered?”

Woman #2: “I can’t remember what I ordered.” *suddenly short with me* “It’s fine!”

Me: “I do hope you still enjoy, miss.”

(At the end of the night, as the women walked out, I recognized them. [Woman #2] was once again short in telling me the sushi “worked fine.” Please, everyone: it’s not the staff’s fault if you can’t remember your own order!)

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