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Dispensing The Law

, , , | Right | April 14, 2023

I work in a cannabis dispensary in a medical-only state. We recently opened in what used to be a bank. There has not been a bank in the building for quite some time, and the building itself was empty well before we opened. A lot of people still come here thinking it’s a bank despite the fact that the dispensary’s name is all over the building. We’re used to having to explain this to people, and it’s never been an issue.

A man walks up to the building and is greeted by security at the door.

Security: “Can I see your medical ID, please?”

Customer: “I just need to get some money.”

Security: “I can’t let you in without seeing your ID.”

Customer: “Since when do banks require ID to enter? Let me in so I can get my money!”

Security: “Sir, this isn’t a bank. It’s a dispensary, and I can’t let you in without a valid Medical ID.”

Customer: “That’s bulls***. Let me in now or I’ll call the police!”

Security calls me to the front and explains what is going on.

Me: “Sir, as security has explained to you, we are not a bank. The bank that used to be here is now down the street. You will have to go there.”

Customer: “Do you have an ATM I can use?”

Me: “Only if you have a medical cannabis card from the state and plan on doing business here.”

Customer: “That’s stupid! Let me use the ATM!”

Me: “No. Please leave.”

Customer: “I’m calling the police! You can’t keep me from coming inside! That’s illegal!”

Me: “The police have no power here, sir. You’ll have to call the department of health, but best of luck with that.”

We closed the door on the fuming man. He tugged on the locked door a few times before stomping away. We never did hear from the department of health or police on that incident, so either he never called them or the conversation didn’t go his way.

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