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Dispar-Age Before Duty

| Working | December 19, 2012

(Note: I am 17, but look very young for my age, especially when I’m standing near my younger brother, who is much taller than me. This occurs while my mother, my brother, and I are being screened at the security checkpoint.)

Security Officer: “[My name]?”

Me: “That’d be me, sir.”

Security Officer: “All right, and how old are you, sweetheart?”

Me: “17.”

Security Officer: *incredulous* “Seventeen!?”

Me: “Yes, sir. Have a look.”

(I hand him my driver’s license and student ID.)

Security Officer: *to my mom* “Is she really?”

My Mom: “Yes.”

Security Officer: “[Brother’s name]?”

My Brother: “Yes.”

Security Officer: “Let me guess: you must be 10, right?”

My Brother: “14, sir.”

Security Officer: “Man! Your family must have some messed-up genes!”

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