Disney: The Franchise Menace

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(At work, I have a lot of Disney pins on my vest which get a lot of compliments from kids and adults. I am working a return for a customer when her daughter, about six years old, makes a comment.)

Girl: “You have a lot of pins.”

Me: “I do. Do you like them?”

Girl: “Yeah, you even have a Star Wars!

(I do not have any “Star Wars” pins on my vest and I think she saw my “Guardians of the Galaxy” pins as “Star Wars”.)

Me: “I don’t have any Star Wars.”

Girl: “Yes, you do: that big one right there!”

(Looking down, I see she means my Wall-E pin.)

Me: “That’s Wall-E; he’s a robot.”

Girl: “Yeah, that means he’s Star Wars!

Me: “I didn’t know he was Star Wars.”

Girl: “Yes, he is, because he’s a robot.”

(I finish up the woman’s transaction, and after they leave, I turn to my manager.)

Me: “Apparently, Wall-E is Star Wars.”

Manager: “Huh?”

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