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Dishwashing, Housekeeping, And Mindreading

, , , , | Working | April 27, 2020

(I’m a dishwasher because I enjoy cleaning. I prefer dishwashing over housekeeping because it’s a lot easier. I go and apply to a famous store and restaurant combo and get hired.)

Me: “So, when should I come back for training?”

Manager: “Oh, we’ll call you.”

Me: “Okay.”

(I wait and wait but no call. I don’t want to bug them and don’t want a stupid employer who forgot about me, so I figure they’ve changed their minds and I start looking somewhere else. A week later, someone calls.)

Restaurant: “Why aren’t you coming to work? Are you ill?”

Me: “No, I was waiting for a call. You said that you’d call.”

Restaurant: “No! You’re supposed to look at the online schedule!”

Me: “Sorry? No one told me of this! What is the website?”

(They told me. I hadn’t had any luck finding anywhere else, so I checked the website and went to work, and the manager looked very guilty. I guess she forgot to tell me about this online schedule!)

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