Dishonorable And Dishonourable

| Learning | May 22, 2017

Kid: “Mrs. [Teacher], why did I get an ‘F?’ I worked really hard on this.”

Teacher: “[Kid].” *points to work on paper* “Spell this out loud for me.”

Kid: “H-O-N-O-R.”

(Some kids start laughing because they’ve caught onto his mistake.)

Teacher: “Uh-huh and when, in all your years in Canada, have you ever spelt honour that way?”

(The kid looks down embarrassed.)

Teacher: “Isn’t it convenient that you forget how to spell JUST as we get a new American student? [American Kid], how do YOU spell honour?”

American Kid: *jumps up from chair* “HE WAS SUPPOSED TO CHECK IT BEFORE SUBMITTING IT!”

(They were both sent to the principal and suspended.)

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