Dishing The Dirty Dishes

| Friendly | June 17, 2014

(My roommate has been avoiding me for a week, shutting her door whenever I walk past it, walking quickly to her room, etc. We recently got into a fight because she left her dishes in the sink until they were moldy, so I changed the Internet password until she did them. I go to give her some mail.)

Me: “[Roommate], you have mail!”

(I peek in her room when she doesn’t answer and see nothing. Literally nothing. The room is completely empty. I immediately call her.)

Me: “So, interesting story. I went to put your mail on your desk only, surprise! There’s no desk. No nothing.”

Roommate: “You changed the wifi password because I didn’t do the dishes and it pissed me off.”

Me: “You moved out without telling me because I changed the WIFI PASSWORD?”

Roommate: “It pissed me off!”

(She moved in with an old friend of hers, but shortly afterwards had to move back in with her mother, who washed her dishes for her.)

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