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Diseases Don’t Care Who You Vote For

, , , , | Right | February 8, 2022

At the beginning of the health crisis, the restaurant I was working at stopped offering refills. This was just before all of the dining rooms shut down in Texas. When we took a customer’s order, we would tell them that we were not doing refills anymore. This way, they could upsize the drink if they wanted. There were signs everywhere from the owners stating this.

An older man came in and ordered his food and a small drink. Before sending in the order, I pointed to the sign and told him of our new policy. The next thing I knew, he was berating and cussing at me.

Customer: “You’re just making up that d*** disease, you filthy Democrat! You’d better be glad I’m not your boss; I would put you in your place! You’re just making up this new rule because you’re stupid and scared.”

These signs clearly say that they are from the business owners. I just keep my mouth shut since I’m not interested in getting in trouble for him. Later, my manager sees that I’m upset.

Manager: “What’s wrong?”

I explain what happened.

Manager: “Who was it?”

Me: “The man with order [number].”

It happened that she was packing his order. She went over to talk with him. I don’t know what he said to her, but when she came back, it was to get the phone. She called the city manager and the restaurant owners. They came in and told the man to leave or be arrested.

Question of the Week

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